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Last update: June 8,2013

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Compiled by Richard Llewellyn.

The following is a project that has taken a lot of my time in recent years. The List of Anime Television Series is an English language collection of information about anime (Japanese animated) television series. There is a lot that still needs to be done to complete the information that is in the list. Any information that you can send me will be welcome. Note that this list includes some television programs that haven't been broadcast in Japan and does not cover oav series that have been broadcast subsequent to their home video release.

This database only contains information about anime television series. Occasionally I've mentioned related movies and oavs in the notes but I haven't attempted to list all of these at this time. For an outline of the history of anime look at my Chronology of Animation.

Although the List of Anime Television Series has been designed to be browsed it is possible to find specific programs, studios, or animation personnel by using the Search feature.

I have not attempted to footnote the source of each fact in this project (life is way too short to attempt that). For the printed sources that I've used go to the Bibliography of Animation. For the sources of at least some of the information that I've taken from other websites go to my Animation on the World Wide Web page.

My apologies for any inaccuracies contained within. Please contact me if you have any comments about the information contained in the list (especially any corrections or additional information to fill in the many blanks).

Unfortunately I don't have much information available on video releases for these series. I am now adding some information on the page for each series but it will take some time before it is all added. In the meantime, please check some of the resources on the Animation on the World Wide Web page for video release information. Please do not e-mail for this information.

What's Here

Title Index

Series are listed in alphabetical order, according to their romanised Japanese title and/or by a keyword from the title if the series is better known by such a word such as Macross to Cho Jiku Yosai Macross. Keyword access is also used in cases where the full title isn't known. In addition, there are links to the series from English titles when the series has been released in English translation or the series is well-known to English language fans by such a title. Finally, title information is included for foreign language titles when there has been an actual release of the series under that title.

  • Where the Japanese title is a transliteration of a word from another language the actual term from that language will be used rather than a strict transliteration of the Japanese characters.

  • The English name given is a translation of the original Japanese title, except in those cases where there is an English language release of the series. All known forms of the English name will be given.

  • Alternate names from other countries are also included (when the show was distributed under that title).

  • There have been some foreign language versions of the following series where more than one original series have been "combined" to create a new series. A famous example of this is Robotech, formed from Cho Jiku Yosai Macross, Cho Jiku Kidan Southern Cross, and Kiko Soseiki Mospeada. In these cases the foreign broadcast title is given as an alternative title to the true Japanese title. There is an entry for the foreign language title that links to the true series' entries.

Entry Notes

  • The primary number in the Number of episodes line indicates the number of episodes originally broadcast. Occasionally, all of the made episodes will not be broadcast. Even more rarely, additional episodes are made for foreign markets or home video release. These additional episodes will be included in the number in parentheses following the primary number. The Notes for the series will include a brief explanation of the descrepancy. See the entry for Boys Be ... for an example.

  • The creator credit is used to credit the original work a series is based on such as a manga artist, book author, etc. The title and form (novel, manga, etc.) of the original is included in the entry. (The title is not included if it is the same as the television series.)

  • The genre note is used to give some indication of the subject of the series, including basic themes, types of characters, and similar matters.

  • A list of acronyms for animation studios and distributors is available. Normally the complete name is included in the entry but the list may be useful in some cases where the entries are not up to my current standards.

This list is based on the work of a number of dedicated anime fans, professional journalists and researchers interested in anime, and the Japanese anime industry.

Title Lists [0-9] [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [Gi] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L]
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