List of Anime Television Series:
Spider Riders
~Yomigaeru Taiyou~"

Japanese name: Spider Riders ~Yomigaeru Taiyou~ Spider Riders ~Yomigaeru Taiyou~ TV Series image
Japanese name: スパイダーライダーズ ~よみがえる太陽~
English name: Spider Riders ~Return of the Sun~; Spider Riders
Dates: April 14, 2007-October 13, 2007
Broadcast time: Saturday, 17:00-17:30 (5:00-5:30 pm)
Number of episodes: 26
Animation Studio: Bee Train, Cookie Jar
Production Company: Cookie Jar Entertainment (Canada), Yomiko Advertisting
Broadcaster: Kids Station
Teletoon (Canada)
Creator(s): Tedd Anasti and Patsy Cameron-Anasti (novel: The Shards of the Oracle)
Series Director: Takaaki Ishiyama, Koichi Mashimo
Episode Director(s): Shintaro Itoga, Yuuta Takamura, Yukie Arie
Producer(s): Makoto Iwasaki
Planning: Yosuke Kuroda (series composition)
Storyboard(s): Naoyuki Kuzuya, Shinji Ishihira, Yuuta Takamura
Writer(s): Hideki Shirane, Noboru Kimura
Art Director: Toshihisa Koyama
Art Design: Makiko Kojima (color)
Character Designer(s): Yuko Iwaoka, Tomoaki Kado (spider/insect design), Kenji Teraoka (mecha)
Animator(s): Kousuke Kawazura (director), Tatsuya Oka (director), Tsutomi Kikuchi (director), Tomoko Ishida (director), Yasuhiro Saiki (mecha director)
Music: Tomomasu Yoneda, Tatsuya Kato
Sound: Toru Nakano (director)
Voice Actors
(regular characters):

Genre(s): adventure, science fiction, insect characters, underground world
Home Video

Note(s): This series was begun in Japan as Spider Riders ~Oracle no Yuusha-tachi~. The show was discontinued in the Fall of 2006 but later continued under the new title.

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